Artificial tree ornament in three shapes.
Decorate the fish tank, and add vivid and natural life to your fish tank.
The cave can provide a refuge for your fish.
Made of resin, insoluble in water, and does not release any harmful substances.
It is easy to clean.
Suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Material resin
Style A
Length 16cm and 6.2″
Width 10cm and 3.9″
Height 7cm and 2.7″
Weight 115gr and 0.25lb
Style B
Length 14cm and 5.5″
Width 9cm and 3.5″
Height 6cm and 2.3″
Weight 85gr and 0.18lb
Style C
Length 15cm and 5.9″
Width 5cm and 1.9″
Height 7cm and 2.7″
Weight 80gr and 0.17lb
The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
The product dimensions may be slightly different from what is written in the product specifications.


A, B, C

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China, United States, United Kingdom, SPAIN, Australia, France