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Summer sleeveless T-Shirt in many colors.
Adorable summer clothes for your pet.
Made from cotton material.
Suitable for cats and small dogs.

Material cotton
Extra small
Neck circumference 17cm and 6.6″
Chest 26cm and 10.2″
Abdominal 29cm and 11.4″
Back lengths 24cm and 9.4″
For a pet up to 1.5kg and 3.3lb
Neck circumference 19cm and 7.4″
Chest 30cm and 11.8″
Abdominal 33cm and 12.9″
Back lengths 28cm and 11″
For a pet 2.5kg and 5.5lb
Neck circumference 20cm and 7.8″
Chest 34cm and 13.3″
Abdominal 37cm and 14.5″
Back lengths 32cm and 12.5″
For a pet 3.5kg and 7.7lb
Neck circumference 22 cm and 6.6″
Chest 36cm and 14.1″
Abdominal 39cm and 16.9″
Back lengths 35cm and 12.9″
For a pet 4.5kg and 9.9lb
Extra large
Neck circumference 24 cm and 8.6″
Chest 39cm and 15.3″
Abdominal 42cm and 16.5″
Back lengths 37cm and 14.5″
For a pet 5.5kg and 12.1lb
Extra extra large
Neck circumference 28 cm and 11″
Chest 43cm and 16.9″
Abdominal 46cm and 18.1″
Back lengths 39cm and 15.3″
For a pet 6.5 and 14.3lb
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yellow, orange, green, pink, purple, blue, watermelon pink


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