Remove residue from the aquarium bottom, to keep a healthy environment for your fish.
Wash gravel, and remove the fish excrement, and other debris.
You can remove the water from the aquarium through the output pipe or even filter the water.
The cleaning head’s inner mesh prevents suctioning small fish.
Contains adjustable tubes that are suitable for large and small aquariums.
Pressing the top button will automatically pump the water, from the aquarium.
Be sure to submerge the head and the water outlet, before suctioning.
Powered by 2 “C” type batteries (not included).
Suitable for fish and aquariums.
Material plastic
Weight approx 373gr and 0.82 lb
Two batteries 1.5V type C (not included)
The water outlet pipe length is about 67cm and 26.3″
The water inlet tube length (3 pieces) is about 18cm, 20cm, 40cm and 7″, 7.8″, 15.7″
Adjustable length
Minimum 58cm and 22.8″
Μedium 72cm and 28.3″
Maximum 94cm and 37″
Normal water level 30cm and 11.8″
Maximum water level 72cm and 28.3″
Maximum flow 520 liters per hour
One gravel cleaner
Three water inlet tubes
One water outlet pipe
One filter mesh bag
One cleaning head
One cleaning brush

The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
The product dimensions may be slightly different from what is written in the product specifications.

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