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This is a submersible pump with high performance, low, noise, and low power consumption.
Submersible pump material is non-toxic, safe, and wear-resistant.
It is easy to clean.
It is suitable for fish tanks or aquariums.

Material ABS
Voltage 110V, 220-240V
EB-301 – 3W
Length 5.8cm and 2.2″
Width 3.8cm and 1.4″
Height 4.6cm and 1.8″
Flow rate max 220 liters per hour
Max Lift 0.5m and 19.6″

Gross weight 180gr and 0.39lb
EB-302 – 6W
Length 6.5cm and 2.5″
Width 4.3cm and 1.6″
Height 5.3cm and 2″
Flow rate max 450 liters per hour
Max Lift 0.8m and 31.4″
Gross weight 230gr and 0.50lb
EB-303 – 10W
Length 7cm and 2.7″
Width 4.5cm and 1.7″
Height 5.7cm and 2.2″
Flow rate max 600 liters per hour
Max Lift 1.2m and 47.2″
Gross weight 280gr and 0.61lb
EB-304 – 15W
Length 8cm and 3.1″
Width 5.5cm and 2.1″
Height 6.8cm and 2.6″
Flow rate max 800 liters per hour
Max Lift 1.6m and 62.9″
Gross weight 410gr and 0.90lb
EB-305 – 25W
Length 10cm and 3.9″
Width 6.5cm and 2.5″
Height 7.5cm and 2.9″
Flow rate max 1200 liters per hour
Max Lift 2m and 78.7
Gross weight 580gr and 1.2lb

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3W EU Plug, 3W US Plug, 6W EU Plug, 10W EU Plug, 10W US Plug, 15W EU Plug, 15W US Plug, 25W EU Plug

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