These aquarium decorations instantly spruce up any aquarium and add a fun look.
The pineapple house has holes for fish to swim through and explore.
It is vividly and color detailed to add lively and natural life to your tank.
The ornaments are made from non-toxic resin material and make an exciting ornament in any aquarium.
Suitable both in salt and fresh water.
Change your aquarium into a beautiful scenery.

Material resin
Sizes about
Length 6.5cm and 3.5″
Width 6.5cm and 3.3″
Height 12.5cm and 4.7″
Grab restaurant
Length 8.5cm and 3.3″
Width 6cm and 2.3″
Height 8.5cm and 3.1″
Length 6.5cm and 2.7″
Width 8cm and 2.5″
Height 14cm and 5.5″
Length 6cm and 2.3″
Width 6.5cm and 2.5″
Height 15cm and 5.9″
Length 3.5cm and 1.3″
Height 5.5cm and 2.1″
Patrick Star
Length 4cm and 1.5″
Height 5.5cm and 2.1″
Squidward Tentacles
Length 2.5cm and 0.98″
Height 6cm and 2.3″
Mr. Krabs
Length 4.5cm and 1.7″
Height 5cm and 1.9″
The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
The product dimensions may be slightly different from what is written in the product specifications.


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