Bed for pets in many designs and colors.
Can be used in your car and at home.
The protector keeps your pets safe when you are driving.
The carrier is made of cotton, which is skin-friendly and healthy.
It is soft and comfortable.
Suitable for cats and dogs up to 13kg.
Material cotton
For pets up to 13kg and 28.6lb
Type A
Color dark grey, pentagram, coffee yellow
Length 55cm and 21.6″
Width 50cm and 19.6″
Height 32cm and 12.5″
Type B
Color pink, light grey, light blue, blue stripe
Length 50cm and 19.6″
Width 45cm and 17.7″
Height 36cm and 14.1″
Type C
Color black stripe, gray stripes
Length 60cm and 23.6″
Width 56cm and 22″
Height 30cm and 11.7″
Type D
Color navy blue, gray, and grey stripes
Length 40cm and 15.7″
Width 65cm and 25.5″
Height 35cm and 13.7″
Type E
Color light blue, beige spot, blue lattice
Length 50cm and 23.6″
Width 60cm and 23.6″
Height 50cm and 19.6″
The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
The product dimensions may be slightly different from what is written in the product specifications.


Type A-Dark grey, Type A-Pentagram, Type A-Coffee yellow, Type B-Pink, Type B-Light grey, Type B-Light blue, Type B-Blue stripe, Type C-Black stripe, Type C-Gray stripes, Type D-Gray, Type D-Grey stripes, Type E-Light blue, Type E-Blue lattice, Type E-Beige spot

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