Six levels offer pets more choices to climb, play, lounge and rest.
Your cat can sharpen nails at the first level, climb into the cozy condo to rest and have sweet dreams, and jump on the top perch to enjoy bird watching out of the window.
A fluffy hanging ball and a rope provide extra endless fun.
Cats like to sleep curled up. A soft plush hammock could be used as a warm and cozy bed.
Nail scratching and climbing are natural instincts of all cats.
Five scratching posts are fully wrapped with natural sisal rope, which helps to keep your feline far away from your furniture.
The main parts of this cat tower are covered with a mat.
All mats are removable and washable, easy for you to clean up.

Length 58cm and 22.8″
Width 40cm and 15.7″
Height 166.5cm and 65.5″
The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
The product dimensions may be slightly different from what is written in the product specifications.

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China, Czech Republic, United States, SPAIN, Australia, Russian Federation, France