Set of six pieces of combs for grooming pets.
Keep your pet’s hair clean.
Simply run the comb through your pet’s hair and pesky parasites will collect on the comb.
The combs with different shapes are multi-functional and practical.
Made of stainless steel and plastics, durable, and sturdy.
The sturdy, rounded-end, and smooth teeth of combs won’t hurt your pet’s skin.
Used to remove the crust, and mucus, float fur, and fleas quickly, and clean tear stains, dandruff, etc.
Suitable for small and large breeds as well as long- and short-haired pets.
For most furry pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc.
Material plastics, metal
Comb A
Length 18cm and 7.1″
Width 3cm and 1.2″
Comb B
Length 6cm and 2.4″
Width 5.5cm and 2.2″
Comb C
Length 6cm and 2.4″
Width 3.3cm and 1.3″
Comb D
Length 8.8cm and 3.5″
Width 5cm and 2″
Comb E
Length 5.5cm and 2.2″
Width 8.8cm and 3.5″
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