The curvature of the airlift joint is 45 degrees.
A small air pump can drive the water.
Transparent acrylic incubator tube for easy observation.
The sieve plate hole is 1mm, and the lower sieve plate is glued to the main hatching room to prevent fish eggs from escaping.
Biochemical cotton filter.
Take out a basin of water from the tank.
Carefully remove the female fish.
Hold the with the fish head facing forward.
Use your fingernails to buckle the teeth of the fish’s lower jaw.
Keep the mouth open, keep steady and move against the direction of the fish head in the water.
Repeat the exercise until all the eggs are out.
If the female fish is removed from her hands, catch it back in time, otherwise, she will immediately swallow the eggs in the basin back into her mouth.
Take out the female fish. Look at the mouth of the fish with your eyes to make sure it is clean and put it back in the tank.
Put the eggs into the incubator.
If it is fry, put them into the isolation box and place the isolation box in the tank where there is sufficient water and oxygen.
Pay special attention to the whole process.
Be sure to use the original water tank around 1 day after the egg is deducted.
For safety, do not change the water.
Material ABS, acrylic
Diameter 4cm and 1.5″
Height 30cm 11.8″
Plate holes are 1 mm and 0.039″
Main incubator room
Airlift room
Biochemical cotton
Oxygen stone
Four suction cups
The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
The product dimensions may be slightly different from what is written in the product specifications.

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