Aquarium heater with a controller, suitable for seawater and freshwater heating.
It is easy to use, long cable wire, and with an external controller that can easily set the temperature.
It has a digital LED temperature display, which can display the real-time water temp and set temp so that you can know the temperature changes in the fish tank easily.
This heater is all black, easier to hide, and heating without ruining the look of your fish tank.
Made of thickened quartz glass, and has a good sealing performance to prevent water from entering.
The heating rod must be totally immersed in the water and no exposure is allowed, otherwise, the heating rod will be damaged due to dry burning.
Suitable for fresh water and seawater.
Do not use the heating rod in the gravel to avoid affecting the temperature control effect.
Don’t clean the heater with detergent or similar things.
Before cleaning the aquarium or heating rod, please turn off the power for twenty minutes to cool off the heating rod.
Please keep it away from children.
Press the setting button, and adjust it to the desired temperature.
The red indicator light is on, the heater starts to heat, and the controller displays the real-time water temperature.
When the heating is completed, the heating will stop automatically, and the green indicator light will be on.
Press and hold the ‘SET’ button for about eleven seconds to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Material glass
Temperature range from 20 to 34°C and 68 to 93°F
US, EU, and UK plug
Voltage 110, 220v
Power cord length 185cm and 73″
Length 11.4cm and 4.4″
Diameter 1.7cm and 0.66″
For aquariums 3 to 20 liters and 1 to 5.5 gallons


Length 11.4cm and 4.4″
Diameter 1.7cm and 0.66″
For aquariums 15 to 55 liters and 4 to 14.5 gallons
Length 25cm and 9.8″
Diameter 1.7cm and 0.66″
For aquariums 35 to 100 liters and 9.5 to 26.5 gallons
The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
The product dimensions may be slightly different from what is written in the product specifications.


25W, 50W, 100W


US Plug 110V, UK Plug 220V, EU Plug 220V

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