Two cutter heads, one for body hair and one for foot, and other small points.
The small head has 1 centimeter width and the large one has 3.2 centimeter width.
Equipped with three positioning combs, which can fix and trim the corresponding hairs and control the shape freely.
The blade R-shaped rounded corner design does not hurt the skin.
The whole body is waterproof and can be washed safely after use, making it easier to clean up.
Low vibration and noise without disturbing pets
The running decibel value is about 45dB, the rotating speed is stable, and the resistance is reduced.
It is suitable for trimming and shaping the whole body of pets.
For cats and dogs, long and curly hair can be shaved.
Rated power DC 5V 1A
Battery 600mAh
Charging time is about 5 hours
Use time about 1.5 hours
Shaving head 120gr and 0.26lb
Foot shaving head 114.4g and 0.25lb
Size about
Shaving head
Length 3.2cm and 1.2″
Width 2.8cm and 1.1″
Height 16cm and 6.2″
Foot shaving head
Length 1cm and 0.39″
Width 2.8cm and 1.1″
Height 16cm and 6.2″
One lubricant
One shaving cover for the foot (2mm)
One shaving cover for the body hair (3/6mm, 9/12mm)
One body (including shaving head)
One shaving cutter head for the foot
One brush
One USB data cable
The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
The product dimensions may be slightly different from what is written in the product specifications.

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