Automatic water fountain for pets in four colors.
Simulates natural springs, and stimulates the cat’s curiosity.
It has a multi-color indication of water shortage reminder.
Suitable for cats and small dogs.
Two modes.
In normal mode, the water is run continuously.
In smart mode, the water is run every three minutes for power-saving.
Double-click the button to switch the mode.
Easy to recognize the working status.
The blue light is for normal mode.
The green light is for smart mode.
The blue light when flashes are for water shortage.
The green light when flashes are for a filter change.

Filter for the fountain.
Replacement filters activated carbon.
Keep your pet’s drinking water fresh, clean, and safe.
The filter is your pet fountain’s necessary accessory.
It is made of activated carbon and cotton material, durable and reusable.
The filter filters the residue of water removes chlorine and microorganisms, improves the taste, removes odors, and softens the water.
The charcoal filter should be changed every one to two weeks.
Each filter can filter up to ten liters of water.
Soak in water for five minutes before using.
Material  ABS
Color gray, green, orange, blue
Capacity 1.8 liters and 60.8oz
Voltage 5V
Length 16cm and 6.2″
Width 16cm and 6.2″
Height 15.8cm and 6.2″

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The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
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Gray, Green, Blue, Gray add 1 Filter, Green add 1 Filter, Blue add 1 Filter, Orange add 1 Filter


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