Automatic feeders with six liters of capacity for pets in three different types, with buttons, WiFi, or a camera.
The buttons feeder.
The automatic feeders have six liters of capacity.
Real-time feeding.
You can use it with a power supply or batteries.
Stainless steel plate, easy to remove and wash.
Desiccant sealing strip to keep fresh the food.
Meal servings are 7 grams, 9 servings, and 4 meals.
The WiFi feeder has what a button feeder does, plus.
Surplus grain detection, dumping alarm, app remote control, and data storage.
Meal servings are 7 grams, 12 servings, and 10 meals.
The camera feeder has what a feeder with buttons and WiFi does, plus.
Voice, and video.
Meal servings are 7 grams, 20 servings, and 8 meals.
Capacity 6 liters
Sound 40db (during feeding)
Video resolution 1080px
DC adapter input 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Batteries (not included)
Weight 1.6kg and 3.5lb
Length 20.5cm and 8″
Width 22.5cm and 8.8″
Height 34cm and 13.3″

The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
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6L LCD feeder, 6L WIFI feeder, 6L Camera feeder

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