Automatic feeder with wifi or buttons, and the container capacity is three and a half liters.
It has a voice recorder.
It can record your voice for twelve seconds to call your puppy or cat for meals.
Your personal sound will keep your pet not alone and not miss the meal when the food is ready.
Accurate meals per day.
After setting the food volume for each meal, the accurate food volume will help your pet keep a good habit to eat at regular hours, and keep a diet.
It has an infrared sensor.
When the bowl fills the size of the dry food that exceeds 1 cm, the machine automatically stops, preventing them from clogging or overflowing.
Backup batteries supply.
The feeder can be powered by a power adapter or batteries.
The batteries can keep the feeder working, no worry about power issues when you are not at home.
Feeding about five grams each time, up to four meals a day.
The capacity of the bucket is up to twenty servings.
The recorded voice is about ten seconds and starts playing before each meal.
Removable metal food tray for easy cleaning.
When the power is off, the system automatically saves the current feeding parameters.
It has automatic detection of stuck for motor protection.
Material ABS
Capacity 3.5 liters
The feeder functions are with buttons, or with wifi (optional).
Three batteries AA (not included)
Power supply DC5V/1A
Adapter USB2.0
Length 35.6cm and 14″
Width 32.4cm and 12.7″
Height 18.6cm and 7.3″
The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
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