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Electromagnetic reciprocating air compressor.
The electromagnetic reciprocating pump is made from aluminum.
The radiator shape of the case makes heat dissipation more effective, to ensure constant temperature and reliable performance.
The cylinder and piston are made from SF3 wearing-resistant material.
The no-oil design guarantees purified compressed air suitable for aquariums, aquaponics, and hydroponics.
Low power consumption.

Material aluminum alloy
Color silver
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Pressure greater than 0.025MPA

Model ACO-208 25W
Power 25W
Airflow of 40 liters per minute
Noise less than 55dB
Weight 0.9kg  and 1.9lb
Length 14.2cm and 5.6″
Width 8cm and 3.1″
Height 7.8cm and 3″

Model  ACO-308 30W
Power 30W
Airflow of 55 liters per minute
Noise less than 60dB
Weight 1.2kg and 2.6lb
Length 16cm and 6.3″
Width 9cm and 3.5″
Height 9.5cm and 3.7″

Model ACO-318 45W
Power 45W
Airflow of 70 liters per minute
Noise less than 60dB
Weight 1.65kg and 3.6lb
Length 18.2cm and 7.1″
Width 9.5cm and 3.7″
Height 11.6cm and 4.5″
Package includes
One air compressor
One short tube
One outlet adapter
One 6-hole oxygen shunt
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25w, 30w, 35w, 45w

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