The multi-level cat tree is perfect for your frisky cats to bounce up and down.
Condo with a soft plush cushion, makes your cat feel like sleeping on a cloud.
A spacious perch on top, one soft hammock, one cozy condo, and one cylinder tunnel provide enough space for your kittens to play and rest.
The perch is with a raised rim which allows your cat’s head to rest when enjoying the view out of the window.
A large hammock that fits their body curve properly as they curl up to have a nap.
Length 65cm and 25.5″
Width 40cm and 15.7″
Height 125.5cm and 49.4″
The real product colors may be slightly different from what you see in the images.
The product dimensions may be slightly different from what is written in the product specifications.


Grey, Brown

Ships From

Czech Republic, United States, SPAIN, France