The raincoat is made from polyester and it is available in many sizes.
It is light and comfortable.
It has a reflective strip for safe walking at night.
Suitable for small, medium, and large dogs.
Materiaal poliëster
Sizes for small dogs
Extra small
Neck 22cm and 8.6″
Chest 30cm and 11.8″
Length 21.5cm and 8.4″
Neck 26cm and 10.2″
Chest 35cm and 13.7″
Lengte 26,5 cm en 10,4 duim
Neck 30cm and 11.8″
Chest 40cm and 15.7″
Length 31.5cm and 12.4″
Neck 34cm and 13.3″
Chest 45cm and 17.7″
Length 36.5cm and 14.3″
Ekstra groot
Neck 38cm and 14.9″
Chest 50cm and 19.6″
Length 41.5cm and 16.3″
Extra extra large
Neck 42cm and 16.5″
Chest 55cm and 21.6″
Length 46.5cm and 18.3″
Sizes for large dogs
3X Large
Chest 66.5 to 71.5cm and 26.1″ to 28.1″
Lengte 51cm en 20″
4X Large

Chest 71.5 to 76.5cm and 28.1″ to 30.1″
Length 56cm and 22″
5X Large

Chest 76.5 to 81.5cm and 30.1″ to 32″
Length 61cm and 24″
6X Large

Chest 81.5 to 76.5cm and 32″ to 34″
Lengte 66cm en 25.9″
7X Large

Chest 86.5 to 91.5cm and 34″ to 36″
Length 71cm and 27.9″
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