The automatic feeder is made of 3mm thickness acrylic.
With three antiskid stands, the birds stand without skidding and feeding more conveniently.
Small space for feeding to prevent birds from throwing the food, thus saving birds’ food and facilitating cleaning at the same time.
Measure your feeding door to ensure that the feeder is suitable.
Added food must be small particles to prevent blockage.
Suitable for budgerigar, colorful parrots, finches, throstles, etc.

Materiaal akriel
The capacity of about 250gr and 0.55lb
Weight about 320gr and 0.70lb
Grootte ongeveer
Length 6cm and 2.3″
Length with the stand 15cm and 5.9″
Breedte 7,5 cm en 2,9 duim
Height 21cm and 8.2″


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