Submersible water pump with twelve LEDs lights, red, blue, green, and yellow colors.
It has a water flow of 500 liters per hour.
Small size, low noise, lightweight, anti-corrosion, acid resistance.
The pump can provide enough oxygen for fish and other aquatic organisms.
Suitable for fountains, ponds, aquariums, and hydroponics systems.


Materiaal plastiek
Power 10 Watt
Input voltage 220V
The water flow of 500 liters per hour
Water lift 1.25 m and 49.2″

Grootte ongeveer
Length 6cm and 2.3″
Breedte 4,5 cm en 1,7 duim
Height 8cm and 3.1″ (with water nozzle)


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10w with light, 10w without light

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