Platform with a gentle slope which enables the pets to climb easily.
Covered with artificial turf, which is safe, and soft.

Clean the platform before placing it in the tank.
Regularly use a soft brush to clean artificial turf.

To place the suctions cups, spray some water after the tank is wiped, and then squeeze all the air out of the suction cups from the inside out.

Suitable for small and medium turtles, frogs, and other aquatic pets.

Materiaal PP

Length 9.5cm and 3.7″
Breedte 8 cm en 3,1 duim
Hoogte 3,7 cm en 1,4 duim
Height of ramp 5.5cm and 2.1″

Length 11.5cm and 4.5″
Breedte 12 cm en 4,7 duim
Hoogte 4 cm en 1,5 duim
Height of ramp 7.5cm and 2.9″

Lengte 12 cm en 4,7 duim
Breedte 20 cm en 7,8 duim
Hoogte 5,2 cm en 2 duim
Height of ramp 10cm and 3.9″


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