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With this aviary, you can give your bird a beautiful home!
The birdcage is made of metal and coated with non-toxic hammer-type paint.
Its excellent rust and corrosion resistance make it durable.
The spacious birdcage is perfect for accommodating parakeets, canaries, and many other species of birds.
It has everything needed, a feeder, a wooden perch, and a movable bottom plate.
It has one larger door and four small doors for food.
The grid shelf under the cage provides extra storage space.
The birdcage is located on four 360° rotating casters to ensure smooth and noise-free movement.
The pull-out tray can hold scattered pet feces and food and is easy to wash with water.
Suitable for canaries, parrots, etc.

Materials iron, steel, PP casters, HIPS plastic tray

Cage size
Length 77cm and 30.3″
Width 46.5cm and 18.3″
Height 92.5cm and 36.4″

Bar spacing
1 cm and 0.39″

Expanded size
Length 61.5cm and 24.2″
Width 43cm and 16.9″
Height 137cm and 53.9″

Size of the roller bracket
Length 61.5cm and 24.2″
Width 43cm and 16.9″
Height 72 cm and 28.3″

Packaging size
Length 85cm and 33.4″
Width 63.5cm and 25″
Height 12.5cm and 4.9″
Gross weight 12.5kg and 27.5lb


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