Floating platform for reptiles with wood texture ramp and three suction cups on the bottom, for stability.
The level of the floating platform depends on the tank water level, and will always float above the water surface.
The floating platform makes the water turtle easy to climb to the dry part.
Suitable for turtles, frogs, lizards, and other reptiles.

Water levels between 5 and 14cm
Weigh about 400gr and 0.88lb
Lengte 21 cm en 8,2 duim
Width 18.5cm and 7.2″
Height 14.5cm and 5.7″
Lengte 13 cm en 5,1 duim
Breedte 9 cm en 3,5 duim

1 platform
1 ramp
3 pillars
3 suction cup
3 retaining ring
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