Brushless submersible water pump 800 liters per hour.
Long working life, more than 10,000 working hours.
Low noise less than 40 db.
The pump is suitable for temperatures 1 ℃ to 60 ℃.
Suitable for fountains, fish tanks, ponds, aquariums, and hydroponics.

Materiaal plastiek
Voltage 12V DC, 19W or 24V DC, 22W
Maximum rated current 1000mA
Max flow rate 800 liters per hour
Max water lift 5 meters
Working environment temperature 1 to 60 ℃
Max circulating water temperature 100°C
Drive mode electromagnetic
Shaft position horizontal
Open impeller structure

Lengte 7,7 cm en 3 duim
Width 4.2cm and 1.6″
Hoogte 6,5 cm en 2,5 duim

Cable length 50cm and 19.6″

Package weight 220gr and 0.48lb


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12V, 24V

Skepe van

China, Poland, United States, SPAIN, France, Czech Republic, Belgium