The filter can quickly improve the quality of water so that your fish tank can remain clear.
The container has ceramic biological filter media to help remove harmful substances and increase the oxygen content in the water tank.
The aquarium sponge filter comes with two suction cups, which can be installed anywhere and can be easily hung on the back wall of the aquarium.
U kan die spons maklik uit die filter verwyder vir skoonmaak of vervanging
Week dit met akwariumwater vir vyf minute voor gebruik, dit is maklik om bakterieë te verteer Kolonies .
Use aquarium water to wash the sponge, don’t use hot water.
It is suitable for shrimp tanks, fighting fish tanks, breeding tanks, goldfish, discus, guppy, fry, juvenile fish, or other fish.



Material PP, sponge

A size
Length 14.5cm and 5.7″
Width 4.7cm and 1.8″
Height 15.5 up to 20cm and 6.1″ up to 7.8″

B size
Lengte 7,5 cm en 2,9 duim
Width 4.7cm and 1.8″
Height 19 up to 29cm and 7.4″ up to 11.4″

C size
Length 11cm and 4.3″
Width 4.7cm and 1.8″
Height 19 up to 29cm and 7.4″ up to 11.4″

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A, B, C

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United States, GERMANY, SPAIN, France, China